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Invest. Advise. Grow.

Larry Braitman Early-Stage Investor


A Bias Towards Action

I don’t rely on passive growth. I actively add value at every stage through financing, deal structure, strategic partnerships, M&A, positioning, executive recruiting, and mentoring.

Killer Instincts

Unicorns don’t simply appear. I evaluate teams and recruit talent to transform nascent tech into industry-disrupting behemoths. As a board member and builder, I bring focus, calm, drive – and fellow investors.

From Incubator to Accelerator

If a startup with a similar product beats you to market, your brilliant idea can go from innovative to unoriginal overnight. As a serial early-stage investor, I can enhance and accelerate your Go To Market strategy. I know how to connect with consumers, manage logistics, and outmaneuver competitors. I can help you avoid the pitfalls of launching too slowly – or jumping in too soon.

Larry knows the startup world inside and out. He’s the type of investor every entrepreneur dreams about.

Russ Fradin Founder & CEO, Dynamic Signal

Larry brings an invaluable wealth of experience as well as an extensive network.

Nir Eyal Best selling author of  “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products”

Larry is a digital media visionary. He drives huge value in big, disruptive consumer markets.

Mike Vorhaus CEO, Vorhaus Advisors

Digital media visionary