My Investment Thesis

Simple really. I look for opportunities to take an early leadership position in an emerging market -or- to disrupt large, established markets.

Mixed Reality

Mixed reality (AR/VR) will be a sizeable and important market with applications for both consumers and business. Currently, I am part of Metaverse, the largest syndicate for mixed-reality investment on AngelList.

Digital Media

Content creation, distribution, advertising, and entertainment are in the midst of fundamental change, paving the way for an entire generation of new leaders.


Check out VR AcceleratEd Events

VR AcceleratedEd hosts a number of events to bring together investors, advisors, with entrepreneurs interested in mixed reality (AR, VR).

Recent Tweets

Larry is that rare combination of someone who knows the startup world inside and out, has strong connections to VCs and angels, a fantastic approach to life, a keen mind, and a warm heart. He’s the type of investor every entrepreneur dreams about. And I’m not the only one who feels this way. Just ask anyone who has ever started a company with him.
Russ Fradin
Founder & CEO, Dynamic Signal
Larry is the kind of investor you want on your side. He’s there when you need him and not when you don’t. Larry is always accessible and brings an invaluable wealth of experience as well as an extensive network to his portfolio companies.

Previous CEO of one of Larry’s portfolio companies.

Nir Eyal
Author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products
I have known Larry for over two decades. From Flycast to Adify, he is a co-founder of high regard. Larry is a digital media visionary and a very successful entrepreneur. He’s been an early founder / investor in several transformative content, social and advertising tech companies. Larry drives huge value in big, disruptive consumer markets.
Mike Vorhaus
Investor/Advisor, Frank E. Magid Associates